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Philosophy: I believe everyone can and should make music! In our lessons, depending on your skill
level, we will focus on different elements of technique and musical expression. With piano, this will
look like scales, arpeggios, and hand posture. For voice, we will discuss and work on elements such
as breath, posture, and use specific vocalizes (voice exercises) tailored to each student to challenge
their individual range and musical style. Depending on each student’s goals, we will work on a song
or songs which could culminate for a recital, audition, or just for fun! I teach beginning through advanced on both instruments and am comfortable in a wide variety of genres, including classical, musical theatre, pop, jazz etc. I also am happy to help prep someone for an audition, or help them with AP theory/ear training/sight reading exams and skills! 

-Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance/German minor at Pacific Lutheran University, (’17), Master of Music in Voice and Opera Performance at Northwestern University ('21)

-Eight+years of private voice study, fifteen+years of private piano study
-Multiple years of experience teaching privately, as well as music education practicum in public
schools, has sung a variety of musical theatre and opera lead roles in high school/PLU/Northwestern

-Students have placed and won several state wide music competitions, put on 1-2 annual recitals a year, and passed Royal Conservatory Curriculum exams


NB: I am currently only offering ONLINE LESSONS due to the pandemic. I believe there can be much taught and learned in a virtual format and that there are many benefits to technology, but if you are not interested in online lessons right now in this time, then please reach out to someone else! 


$30 for a half hour, $55 for an hour 


$30 for a half hour, $55 for an hour 

Student Reviews

"Miya is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is vivacious, full of energy, and very passionate about what she does. My kids took piano with her for several years and adored her, they truly excelled under her tutelage. Miya is also incredibly professional, communicative, and willing to go above and beyond most. I highly recommend her for your musical needs!"​ -Janet B

"She is the nicest voice teacher I've ever had. She has no judgement, and puts her heart and soul into teaching. Her advice is always spot on, and she is always willing to go the extra mile for her students. Her piano playing is amazing; I have yet to see a voice teacher that is as talented as her. She is also very funny, so taking lessons from her will be a blast." -Liliana R

"I really enjoy how friendly and welcoming Miya is. I was quite nervous doing private voice lessons for the first time, but Miya’s kind and friendly personality made it so much easier to open up and sing. From taking voice lessons with her, my confidence and technique as a singer has grown immensely." -Ben S

"I loved how dedicated she was to helping me sing my best and how supportive she was to me as a person. Ms. Higashiyama really makes it a top concern of hers to make sure that the positivity is there so that the voice and can be there." -Sanae F

"Miya was an amazing teacher and set me up extremely well to go to Oberlin Conservatory and study voice. I couldn’t recommend her enough!!"-Inayah R. 

If you are interested in lessons with Miya or want to know her, click the "Contact" tab. 

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