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Miya began an artistic social media page to highlight Saw X's character Cecilia Pederson, and the talents of Norwegian director, actress, model and film critic, Synnøve Macody Lund in October 2023. Within ten weeks, Synnøve and her management followed the page, some of Miya's work was reposted by Synnøve herself, and Miya amassed over 1500 global followers. She posts daily content of Synnøve or Cecilia: art, analyses, edits, and more! 

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Miya directed, acted in, produced, and edited her first film March of 2024 after deciding to take her media skills to the next level and try something new. in ten days garnered over 125,000 views globally and can be seen on Youtube and Instagram. Created on a $250 budget and an iPhone, has a 4.5 ⭐️  average rating on Letterboxd, and can be viewed on IMDB. For more information, visit 

Saw X Edit 

Everybody Loves Diamonds Edit

Ragnarok Edit 

Headhunters Edit 

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To see more of Miya's work, check out her instagram page @dr.ceciliapederson, and/or

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